Wind Storm December 15, 2006

Wind Storm Hits Sooke Area


In the early hours of Friday December 15th 2006, an unprecedented wind storm swept through the area leaving pockets of destruction. It was as as if mini tornados touched down in small areas and then lifted again before touching down somewhere else. An area would be totally untouched, no evidence of any wind at all, and then around the next corner, devastation. Many trees, large and small, would be lying around the ground, blocking roads and crushing power/telephone lines and poles.


In our own yard we were fortunate to only loose one large tree. It blew over during the night, lying down neatly between a couple of trees that we had planted years ago with the top five feet  beside our metal shed. The only damage we had was a couple of branches off our other trees, and I'm sure some holes in our grass. However, the power was off in the neighbourhood from that Friday morning until Sunday night.


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